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Stephanie's wisdom

Can any knitter NOT know yet about Stephanie Purl (oops - Pearl)-McPhee ? the Yarn Harlot ?

Sincerely, I've never read her books.

Never tried any pattern she designed (here, here, here, here, here).

But I do enjoy her blog very much.

Especially the little Pearls she leaves now and then like this one :

Quoting one of last post about crochet vs knitting qualities (just in case the sentence might upset someone not aware of the fiber-related content of her whole blog) :

"even if you don't enjoy it (and nobody says you have to) being a hooker is a good way to solve some of your problems quickly and easily, especially if you happen to be loose. "

And she adds : "(I can't believe I just typed that sentence.)"

One could say she's an inspiration for me and my gazillion projects (here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here ( I am not one of the ravelry/flickr / facebook parents, just a few of the fanatics there)  just the same everyone who actually DO what they SAY and LIKE are.

I love her writing, her words, everything. So I guess I would really enjoy her books. 

And since many people tell me the same about my writing, I plan on someday doing it for real. Writing that is.

Well, I hear you. Isn't blogging a first step and a nice tool to start with ?


Then Why in the world haven't I started yet WRITING instead of POSTING on my blog ?



Hum. Any better explanation hiding somewhere ?




So... ?


OKAY !!!! I'LL DO IT !!!

Now that I've written about it (and everybody knows spoken words fly, but written words stay, cling, never rub or fade off)...

 I finkz aIm gonna git 2 it soonr dan latr.


And for those of you who fink I write in english like a french person do, well duh ! it's because I AM french.

So mind you. Bind off.







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Posted by April:


Yes, you'd like the Harlot's books, they are hysterical
03/9/10 @ 7:24

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