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When Easy from Oz meets Amigo from Tahki

I’m swatching…

(yes, I know how to spell it, that’s not the problem.)

a first. Swatching a yarn for a project. It's for Patrizia's Easy Peasy Tee from Perth, Australia, I found on Ravelry.

I'm the first one to officially cast it on and put it up as a new project on Ravelry !!! I hope I'll go through it and not put it aside for a few years months weeks days and will wear it next summer. It would be perfect with my new pinwheel shawl.

Patrizia had sad news the other day, which you can read about here.

So back to my swatching...

I was going through my stash and I thought about a fine bouclé which drapes quite well, but makes you look bigger and is a real pain to knit with. 3 colors I had. Which is better ? Go to the mirror. then wonder : will I have enough ?
And… then I finally paid a little attention to this little amigo who was jumping very high up the shelf, out of the basket, crying mememe !!!

Been lying there for over a year. Got a full bag on discount. Kept telling myself : gotta find a nice big project for these guys.

Tahki Amigo are 53 % cotton and 47 % linen. Thick and thin, mine is variegated pale blue, pinkish, greenish, white and mostly neutral colours. Looks a lot like this one (thanks to lakeout on Ravelry).


Edit : swatching done. Looks even better knitted than on the skein


I'm always too warm. It should keep me cool enough (and sexy enough)...

Too pale ? Not.
Too thin ? Not.
Too scratchy ? Not.
Too warm ? Not.
Too perfect ? Hope so.
stay tuned…

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Posted by April:

Pretty stuff, can't wait to see the progress.
11/3/08 @ 13:09

Posted by Patrizia:

Aaww.. I really like the Tahki Amigo you are going to use for EPT and I can't wait to see it when it's complete! One thing I must tell you is this: The neck line will slightly roll unless you decide to start with a few rounds of ribbing. If the rolling doesn't bother you, well that's good because I like it rolling and think it's cute. Whatever you decide, have fun making it.

10/3/08 @ 17:37

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