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Have you crochet any BSJ lately ?

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Celui-ci est en anglais uniquement. S'cusez.

This one's in english only. Enjoy.


How I found out something very interesting about the BSJ (Baby Surprise Jacket)


I was knitting my BSJ (links to one of the nicest I've seen) (yes, I’m giving it a second chance with a different yarn. Frogged once too many times with a not-so-cooperative yarn. So the yarn is punished and will wait in the bottom of a dark bag for a few days-weeks-months until a new project requires it. Nah.)


BUT being me, why would I do the plain pattern if I can make it a bit more complicated and “my way” ? so I diminished the number of cast-on stitches. Then I was off to a few recalculation to get through the pattern. I used the proportions (%) methods, so I hope it’ll turn out nice.

After a couple of ridges I got bored with the nice pink I was using  knitting garter stitch for 140 stitches over and over again, and started going through my stash for nice colours to stripe and spice up my knitting a little.

I took out a variegated baby coloured yarn (1055), a nice turquoise (lagoon) and the perfect green (2680). I wanted to use my scraps  leftovers, but I kept thinking a little cream yarn would be the best. Unfortunately, the only cream coloured yarn I have is chunky. Too bulky. So I tried to figure a way I could mix/stripe/pattern the thing.


I then decide it needed some more time to simmer.


So I picked up scarves donated by a 96 yrs old blind knitter. I plan on assembling them to make a nice blanket for charity. Almost each scarf is knitted with 3 or more Absolutely NON matching colours, and they are all different lengths. But overall, assembled together with a nice dark blue yarn and a crocheted border, it should look good as a blanket.

So here I am, crocheting additional length to make them all the same, when it hit me : a single crochet row equals a garter stitch ridge. I knew crochet went faster, but when do you get to actually COMPARE the results with same yarn, same gauge, in the same knitted garment ?


Being a lazy knitter (which makes me more often then not take a very complicated path to get something done “easier and faster”), I’m always looking for easy, fast, beautiful but simple patterns which you can memorize and adapt easily. When I found the other day a topdown raglan (my fave type : no sewing !) baby sweater in CROCHET, I says to meself : WOW, that is a perfect charity/gifty project !!!


Do you have a glimpse on where I’m going now ?


After a couple of rows on my scarf-blanket-wannabe, thinking about this revelation that 1 sc row = 1 garter ridge and seeing the baby crocheted topdown raglan jacket in my head (can't find the link !!!) and the actual BSJ-wannabe on the table, I just dropped the hook and ran to my computer.

Googling : crochet BSJ, crocheting a BSJ, BSJ in crochet, and so on.












No.Bo.Dy.Crocheted. a .B.S.J.


Or if someone did, it’s not on Google. Have you ?


Wait till I’m done with the knitted one. Mwaaahh haaa haaa !!!!


Editor's note on March 16, 2008 :

Please note that I was totally lost in the (/*$&(/&,

There are LOTS of crocheted BSJ out there, slowly invading the world unnoticed, trying to hide as baby garments, baby shower gifts, etc.

Believe it or not.

There's actually a Yahoo Group dedicated ONLY to Zimmerman's patterns, modifications, AND CONVERSION TO CROCHET.

More over, this wonderful Crafty Mama (Ravelry's Craftdujour) crocheted a beautiful one ON HER OWN, at her own risks and using nothing else than a crochet and STASHED yarns and buttons. See where BSJs can lead you? Use your own stash. Phew.


Still on the (virtual) road, collecting CROCHETED BSJ projects.

Pleeeeeaaase help me help you and let's together find all those so-called perfect, nice, almost seamless, easy-to-knit/crochet, origami-like, astounding designed, sweaters.


Back to stitching (and coffee) !!! Now !

ps thanks for your comment on my blog, Craftdujour !

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Posted by Denise:

:)I just did this! See it on my blog. I hope the link comes through! :)
15/3/08 @ 16:42

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